Art Therapy

I want to share some of my paintings with you. I find painting really freeing. Sometimes when I’m feeling the stress of life or want to indulge my inner child; I take myself out of the way, shut out the world, play some music and allow myself to paint. Who cares whether it’s any “good”Continue reading “Art Therapy”

World Book Day

In honour of World Book Day, I thought I would share a (belated) post on two books that have shaped my life! 1. Daughter of the Sea – Berlie Doherty A book from my childhood that is still hauntingly beautiful to this day. A story based on European folklore about a baby girl found atContinue reading “World Book Day”

A Year of Poetry

Since my poetry baby Rhymes & Records turned one in January, I thought it only appropriate to commemorate this wondrous occasion in a blog post, reflecting on the year we’ve had and thanking some of the people who have been involved along the way. For those of you who don’t know: Rhymes & Records isContinue reading “A Year of Poetry”

Find Your Voice

A 10 week programme exploring poetry & spoken word Have you always wanted to write poetry? Together we will explore writing techniques, play around with performance styles, cover some of the more common mistakes made by artists and look at professional practise; giving you the tools needed to take your writing to the next level!Continue reading “Find Your Voice”


“This isn’t a collection of my best work, or a collection of poems I spent the most time on, or even a collection of poems dedicated to the people I love the most. This is a collection of work created for people I had just met. Each poem I wrote in 10 minutes, typed franticallyContinue reading “I wrote ONE HUNDRED love poems for STRANGERS: THIS IS WHAT I LEARNED”