My Top 5 Female Artists

  A friend of mine recently introduced me to the singer/songwriter Jain (more on her in a minute) after taking a guess that her music would be right up my street. He was right! I was surprised by just how much her work complimented the rest of the music on my playlists. I love nothingContinue reading “My Top 5 Female Artists”

24 Days of Kindness

  Christmas can be a very challenging time for some people. While the Christmas films may portray a fuzzy conception that everyone is out to look after their fellow man; that is not always the case. Studies have shown that many charities actually receive fewer donations during this time of year, mental health services areContinue reading “24 Days of Kindness”

How To Make Winter Less Shit

I want the “fall” that is presented to us on social media. On Pinterest fall is a flurry of good looking 20 year olds warming their hands by the rustic, aesthetically pleasing campfire during a pit-stop on their woodland road trip in their upcycled camper van. Instagram presents fall as an endless stretch of cosyContinue reading “How To Make Winter Less Shit”

July: Monthly Write-Up!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful July, I know I certainly have! As I’ve been getting up to quite a lot this month, I thought I’d take the time to look back and fill you in on some of my favourite moments. 4th July: My Birthday Starting the month off with a bang (literallyContinue reading “July: Monthly Write-Up!”

27 Things I Did This Year That Made Me Happy

In honour of turning 27 next week, I thought I’d list 27 things I’ve done this year that made me really happy. With no further adieu…. 1. I performed at Pride. I got to stand on stage as part of a book launch and perform some poetry about acceptance. 2. I set up this blog.Continue reading “27 Things I Did This Year That Made Me Happy”

Why It’s Good to Set Goals

  I’ve always been a fan of goal setting and reflecting. When I was younger I actually used to think that no-one else did things like this and that it was me being way controlling over my life and extra laborious! As I have grown up, I have discovered (to my delight) that other peopleContinue reading “Why It’s Good to Set Goals”

The Secret Garden: Book Review

Image: On World Book day, I wrote about two books that have shaped my life. Today I wanted to review something that I am currently reading; The Secret Garden written by Frances Hodgson Burnett and published in 1911! Why Did I Decide To Read It? A while ago I was incredibly lucky to beContinue reading “The Secret Garden: Book Review”

Old Journal Entries

I hope you’re all having a happy Easter if you’re celebrating. Today I was looking through some old journal entries on my laptop and found some things I couldn’t help but share. The quotes below really range in terms of time frame. All are from 2014 onwards and were written at separate times. I wasContinue reading “Old Journal Entries”