About Salt Water Poetry

Salt Water Poetry is a blog that encourages and celebrates creative living in all it’s many aspects. I believe that the key to living a healthy, fulfilled life lies in accessing and actualising the deep pools of creativity that dwell in each of us. Regardless of whether you work as a neuroscientist or a full-time artist; the impact of stretching your creative muscles on a regular basis can be staggering. Now luckily we have the science to back it up! This site will hopefully add a little fuel to your fire, spur you on further with your own creative journey, and bring us all a little closer together in the process.

About Lyndsay

“I weave poems out of stories for a living, turn pain into paper stars and I sprinkle art all over everything”

Lyndsay Price is a Spoken Word Artist based near Liverpool, with an interest in how art can be used as a tool to ignite social change. With a previous background in theatre; Lyndsay melds together her knowledge and artistry to create performances, books, socially-engaged events and projects that cater to the most beginner writer all the way through to acclaimed performer. Lyndsay is interested in developing the person through art as the medium.

Her previous projects have included; Find Your Voice: a 10 week course exploring spoken word & poetry, Rhymes & Records; a monthly poetry night that ran for two years and many guest appearances at festivals, slams, events and conferences. This year Lyndsay will release her first book: Love Poems I Wrote for Strangers and is working on developing a one to one coaching program for emerging creatives. Lyndsay writes to make sense of her experiences as a woman; she shares it because she believes the act of listening & experiencing to be healing. She writes mainly about: friendship, sisterhood, sexuality, self-improvement, nature, 90’s movies, and vulnerability.

“Communities of poets can’t help but form around her like moons around Venus or planets around a star. She shines a light of creativity, awakening and inspiring many to get into poetry as reader, audience, writer and/or performer.”

– Paul Pyke, Poet

“A true poet and spoken word performer. If the heart were an instrument, Lyndsay would know just how to play its strings.”

– Matty “Delboy” Delaney, Poet

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