Why It’s Good to Set Goals


I’ve always been a fan of goal setting and reflecting.

When I was younger I actually used to think that no-one else did things like this and that it was me being way controlling over my life and extra laborious! As I have grown up, I have discovered (to my delight) that other people do this too. Not only that, but there is whole plethora of books, e-books, seminars, talks, YouTube videos and courses that all centre on the importance of goal setting and reflection.

I’m going to be talking about this over a series of blog posts in more detail but for now lets cover some of the basics…

Why Bother Setting Goals?

I think for many of us, especially those of us who are creative, the idea of goal setting can feel a little unnatural. In my experience, I have found that learning to set goals in a useful way can actually help you to dream big and put your plans into action! We all have ideas in our head of things we would like to achieve, goal setting is just another way to make them concrete and ultimately: help you get them done! Since I’ve been setting goals for myself I’ve felt a lot more inspired in life, I have more faith in myself to get things done and have achieved things that I never thought possible. The key lies in creating goals and plans that are specific, simple and tangible! There is definitely a knack to getting it right.

Turn Your Year Around: Workbook

I recently came across a workbook (pictured above) by YouTuber MuchellB. It was a free download linked on her video How To Slay The Next 6 Months, which you can watch here. I thought this seemed like a great way to check in with the progress you’ve made so far this year and set some expectations for the months ahead .

MuchellB also talks a lot about goal setting, organisation, minimalism, creating positive habits and just generally how to be a responsible human being. I do recommend you check out her stuff if you want a little motivation in these areas.

One thing I like about this workbook is that it’s pretty extensive! It really goes into detail and there’s an emphasis on your feelings around certain things which I like.


You may want to create your own little system with questions that are more specific to you. However there is something nice about having a 9 page document that is already done for you and set out beautifully! (Plus if you are like me and sometimes need an extra push into doing your life admin, then having a pre-made document will probably mean that you’re more likely to actually do it)

To Wrap it Up

In my experience, having clear goals can really help to fast track your life and realise your full potential. Hopefully this introduction sparks your interest or re-ignites your passion if you are already a goal-setter needing a little push. Next week I will share some of my favourite techniques along with the common pitfalls that people make! If that’s something you need in your life you can follow me on social media and subscribe on WordPress to be the first to know when it’s out!

I hope the next 6 months see all of us achieving some incredible things and I can’t wait to hear how you all get on!

Lyndsay xo

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