Art Therapy

I want to share some of my paintings with you.

I find painting really freeing. Sometimes when I’m feeling the stress of life or want to indulge my inner child; I take myself out of the way, shut out the world, play some music and allow myself to paint.

Who cares whether it’s any “good” or not? What even is good when it comes to art? If it’s helped you feel a little more beautiful and at peace on the inside then that is good enough for me!

There is something really meditative in simply painting with no desired outcome.  I really love watching my brush swirl about on the page. It helps me find stillness. It can be really beautiful. Sometimes when I’m finding it hard to express myself, in life generally or through my poetry, I find painting can provide a great outlet and relieve the sense of frustration.

Whatever art you love to practise, whether it’s: dancing, knitting, sculpting, rapping, singing, music, gardening, drawing, cooking, (literally anything can be creative) I encourage you to try it when you are feeling the need to escape from the world for a few hours. Try something you’ve never done before.

Buy yourself a cheap canvas and some paint, you never know what you may create or how it will seep through and enhance the other creative areas of your life! Prepare to be amazed! Feel free to share your art with us in the comments below.

Here are some of mine.



let it go



Feel to Heal 1.jpg




Tear Drip.jpg











Thank you for getting this far! I hope you’ve enjoyed and I hope this can encourage you to show your creations, no matter how “imperfect” or “unfinished” they are! Please feel free to share your work in the comments. Have a beautiful, art filled week!


Published by Lyndsay Price

a flower. spoken word artist.

2 thoughts on “Art Therapy

  1. Hi Lyndsay Thank You for sharing your delightful paintings ~ I enjoy the feel of felt, plasticine, chalk and crayons 🙂 Also ‘doing’ and using some of the above materials with my none dominant hand, extremely liberating to watch whatever unfolds!

    Perhaps towards the end of our final session, or a date soon after; we could have a ”play day’ to experiment and just share lots of fun!

    Happy to let you know: Feeling lots better and will be with you tomorrow eve.

    and also: As not had energy to log on, till this moment, do yet not know if you’ve kindly shared with me last session’s information, links (if used) or any tasks set for us. . . if you have please let me know date, so I can source email! 😀

    Namaste ~ claire


    1. Hi Claire yes tactile things are great! Glad you enjoyed, thank you for the comment 🙂 I’m yet to try with my non-dominant hand. I think when we get towards the end we will explore visual ways of displaying our work so could maybe cover some of those for sure! I haven’t send anything yet but I will bring some resources to the session today that will cover what we did last week. This week we will all be starting something new 🙂 see you soon! x


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