A Story

A few years ago I decided to be brave. I decided to move cities, quit my job and start again. I did this because, while I tried to ignore it, late at night I had this feeling in my gut. The feeling was that, for whatever reason, I needed to write poetry. I didn’t know if I was even going to be any good. I decided that even if I was rubbish, I would keep at it, because I had a feeling that poetry was the thing that was going to make me really happy. I moved back home and got a “regular job” deciding that I would save up enough money to be able to give myself some much needed time off, where I could really get my head down and write. During this time I set up an Instagram. I wanted to write under a pen name and I had recently written a collection called “salt water”  so I decided on Salt Water Poetry. Before I knew it, I was signing up for events and doing custom typewriter poetry for people. Everyone seemed to love the name Salt Water Poetry and I had to admit that it already sounded like a thing. I even had one girl asking me if she could work for my company. I had to tell her that even I didn’t work for my company at this point!

Throughout the next few years, I dabbled in a few different areas in order to expand myself as an artist. I ran workshops, produced networking events, volunteered on various different community projects, taught writing to out of work adults and many other things. I was also performing some of my poetry around the north west and eventually got asked to set up a poetry night of my own! Rhymes & Records ran monthly for two years and was very successful by my definitions. (no-one died and everybody who came got to hear some poetry, which I think, made for quite a splendid night)

I was also working under my own name at this point. I got booked for gigs, for conferences, for judging competitions, for writing poems for strangers at music festivals, for performing at Pride and many other things. I became most interested with trying to strengthen my local community however, and this is something that I still place of high importance.

Fast forward to today where I am still somewhat self-consciously and clumsily navigating my way through the world of being paid as an artist. I’ve learned many things in this time and I’ve created a lot of poetry too. I’ve seen some incredible people from my community rise to success and I’ve been humbled many a time by the sheer amount of grit and talent that has been displayed by other poets along the way.

What Do I Do?

I aim to help people connect to their innate creativity. I like to engage with people face-to-face; through performances, workshops, or one-to-one sessions. Occasionally I post blogs & resources online and offer Skype sessions to those who are far away that want to pick the brain of an artist but mostly, I believe that magical things can occur when you put creative people in the same room together. I also write commissioned pieces, host events, judge slams and plan & market events for others. If you have an idea of a way in which we could collaborate together which I haven’t mentioned, I’m all ears. I love working with other people & organisations and have been involved in a whole plethora of projects within the creative realm. (I’m also an above average speller and have knowledge of the best coffee shop meeting locations so I’d hit me up even for that) 

For a more detailed look at my portfolio of work and previous experience, you can hit up the “about me” section. If you’re done with me (and honestly, I wouldn’t blame you) you can read some blog posts by our guest writers or some of my top picks for poets to look out for (trust me, there are some gems in there) Over time I would like to provide links to further poetry organisations and opportunities here as that is one of my most commonly asked questions.  However that requires a lot of time to do right so please bear with me as I’m in the process of working behind the scenes on a fairly big project as it is.

What is This Site For?

This site is a mixture of my professional work with the odd personal thing thrown in! You will find that my music choices and some of my blog posts have nothing to do with poetry. However the specific type of poetry I create lies very heavily on being open, vulnerable and 100% yourself so for that reason, I find it works having elements of myself woven through my platform’s & site. As the Salt Water brand is expanding, into some areas that I personally find really exciting; it is unknown how often I will be directing others to this site. However for the time being you can expect; more on the type of work I do, more links to the poetry community, and the occasional meandering thought of mine. I love keeping this space as a container for my own creative expression and I hope you stay a while to soak in all that it has to offer. Maybe this is the day that you step a little further into yourself.

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